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Mobile Technologies

Phone/ iPad Applications

Winvotech has a highly skilled and experienced team of resources for development, testing and deployment of iOS applications for iPhone, iPad/ iPad Mini and iPod devices. Over the course of past five years, Winvotech has successfully developed and delivered more than fifty iOS applications which are being used by a wide range of customers from enterprise users to end consumers. Enterprise mobile applications developed by Winvotech are being used by some of industry leading corporations, whereas consumer mobile applications has topped the charts in iTunes App Store for positive ratings and number of downloads.

iPad Applications development service

With consuming an extensive involvement in iPad Applications development service, our skilled iPad developer and application builders help you in conveying your imaginative idea to be successive on Appstore. We are rewarding our clients across many countries by providing iPad App Design & Development service. We struggle very hard for the excellence and to surpass the potentials by our inventive designs and practiced engineering where most of the iPad Applications were with extensive backend web development.

Android Application Development

Over the time Android has undoubtedly become the most popular platform globally. With over 80% of market share, Android just can not be ignored for your business. Winvotech, long before the rise and dominance of Android, had realised its importance as a platform for mobile development and business growth. With the current Android phones and tablets divided between different Operating Systems (3.x, 4, 4.1.x, 4.2.x, 4.3.x and 4.4.x) and different screen sizes on the devices, Technical Design, Quality Analysis/Testing and validation on different Android devices is a crucial step. Thus, we possess an highly skilled and experienced Android team dedicated to providing the best mobile experience for your audience.

Windows Mobile Apps Development

Windows Phone is a gaining traction among users and hardware manufacturers recently. This means that unlike Android and IOS, on Windows Phone you can have a significant early mover advantage if you develop right away. Winvotech Mobile app development team focussed on blend knowledge of XNA, .NET Compact Framework 4, and Silver light Blackberry Application Development Winvotech specializes in custom blackberry application development for all Blackberry devices. Our blackberry application developers have the essential skill-sets and vast experience in building advanced, flexible and secure applications.